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In 2007 I founded Better Me, Inc. a not for profit corporation to help individuals and organizations with common issues that face all teams, families, and companies. The supporters and audience of Better Me, Inc. has grown to become The Xstream Network Live (TXNL), with an experienced team of leaders (TXNLExecs) providing information, tips, resources and coaching for almost any need. Together we are the solution.

I help leaders improve communities, businesses and lifestyles.

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My Latest Work

Partnerships & Collaborations where you can see Andrea speak, listen to talks and access to upcoming events.


Education & Skills

Visionary training, social entrepreneurship consulting, cultural and organizational change management.

Community development & sustainability programs, training, and keynote talks.

Transformational leadership consulting, training, and keynote talks.

Executive & team training, programs, events, and resources.

TH. D. h.c. / PhD IOPsych / BBA / 46R

SaaS / AI / VR / Design / Web 3.0

Process / Workflow Automation

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You can contact me via one of the following options.

Andréa Raquel Young
Hemet, CA 92543
Phone: 678-SPK-TXNL

Office Assistant

Phone : 951-382-5207

Booking & Marketing Inquiries

Email : info @ andrearaquelyoung.com www.SugarFreeCoaching.com